Podcast Review: The Rest is Politics Podcast with Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart

Podcast Review: The Rest is Politics Podcast with Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart

The Rest is Politics Podcast with Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart is a British political podcast. It regularly ranks in the top 5 most listened to podcasts in the UK charts. In this podcast, Alistair Campbell and Rory Stewart discuss the latest news from around the world. Furthermore, they provide their own insights into politics through examples and stories.

Who hosts The Rest is Politics Podcast?

One of the reasons this podcast has become so popular is the dynamic of how it is hosted. Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell have different political careers and views. Alistair Campbell has worked in the world of journalism and in 1994 became Tony Blair’s Press Secretary. Campbell went on to become Tony Blair’s speech writer and chief strategist whilst Blair was Prime Minister of Great Britain. Campbell is accompanied by co-host Rory Stewart who has spent the majority of his political career on the opposite side to Alistair Campbell. Stewart has served as a Cabinet Member of the Conservative Party in the UK. He has also held several government ministerial roles and was also a candidate in 2019 in the Conservative Party Leadership Election.

Together, both of these hosts take a look at what is going on within politics and the news from around the world and apply their own thoughts and views. As Stewart and Campbell come from opposing political beliefs, they often don’t see eye to eye on everything that is discussed on the show. However, they maintain that on the podcast they are bringing back the ‘art of disagreeing agreeably’.

What is The Rest is Politics Podcast about?

The podcast has a simple format – Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell discuss the latest news and their views on whats going on around the world. As well as general discussion and debate, we also get a great insight into the world of politics from stories and anecdotes from their own established political careers. Often Alistair Campbell will tell a story from his time as the head of strategy for the Labour Party, or Rory Stewart will talk of conversations he had had with current or former Conservative Prime Ministers.

As both of the hosts have experience in working with the different political governments, often they will be almost interviewing each other during episodes when discussing the latest news in UK politics. Discussions on Brexit strategies and the handling of the Ukrainian Crisis are just some of the common topics of discussion on the podcast. This gives the listener a really balanced view on things. There is no real political agenda being pushed as this isn’t a podcast with an agenda to push to listeners. We get the chance to hear informed discussion about the very latest and pressing news and political topics from around the world.

How to listen to The Rest is Politics Podcast?

The Rest is Politics Podcast is available on most podcast streaming platforms. There are 2 episodes released each week and they tend to last between 30 mins and 1 hour. These are perfect episodes for commuting too and from work.

You can stream episodes through the Rest is Politics YouTube Channel. However, this is only audio content, they do not have filmed video content.

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