Jordan Henderson on the High Performance Podcast – The Untold Story Of A Champions League Winner

Jordan Henderson on the High Performance Podcast – The Untold Story Of A Champions League Winner

Jordan Henderson has had a career that many of us would dream of having. Playing for and captaining Liverpool FC in the English Premier League, winning the Champions League and captaining his country is a sensational career to have. In this High Performance Podcast interview, Jake Humphry and Damien Hughes dive into his personal life and his career. Check out this great Interview with Jordan Henderson on the High Performance Podcast.

What is the High Performance Podcast?

The High Performance Podcast is one of the most listened to podcasts in the UK. Co-hosts Jake Humphry and Damien Hughes interview guests ranging from the world of sport, business and popular culture. The podcast aims to give listeners lessons from high-achieving, world-class performers.

Who hosts the High Performance Podcast?

British sports broadcaster Jake Humphry has covered English Football, Champions League and Formula One for the BBC and BT Sport. His experience in working in the media makes digging in and interviewing guests easy to listen to and very insightful. Among his many accomplishments, Damien Hughes is a leading organisational psychologist, author, and public speaker.

Between Damien and Jake, they can dive really deep into their interviews and give the listeners fascinating insights into high performers. And this is why the High Performance Podcast has become so popular and regularly ranks in the top 10 of the UK podcast charts.

High Performance Interview with Jordan Henderson

In this 1 hour and 20 minutes interview, Jordan Henderson opens up about his struggles as his father fought a major illness while he was at Liverpool. Jordan shares his experience of moving from Sunderland to Liverpool and the challenges he faced. Henderson speaks openly about mental health and the impact that social media can have on players. They discuss how seriously negative comments online can damage a player.

What’s clear in this interview is how strong Henderson’s mindset is when it comes to performing at the highest level. Jake and Damien dig into his childhood growing up as an only-child and his parents divorce when he was just 6 years old. They look into how this shaped him as a person and what this has done for his football career and his role as a leader for Liverpool and England.

Jordan Henderson on Jurgen Klopp influence

Jurgen Klopp brought Liverpool their first English Premier League title in over 30 years. Jordan Henderson has been the captain of Liverpool under Klopp’s tenure as the first team manager of the famous football club. It’s a fascinating conversation about the influence Klopp has had on the team since he walked through the door. From changing the training schedules and how he communicated with Jordan Henderson who was injured at the time. Henderson talks about how Jurgen Klopp reacted to disappointment and defeat with the players. He tells the story of how he galvanised the players confidence the night they lost the Europa League Final to Sevilla in 2016.

The way Henderson come across in this interview shows how open he is and comfortable to share his good and challenging experiences with Jake and Damien. He talks about the importance of mental health and mental strength which shows how much he values it as a high performer.

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