The Team at Camvista have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in developing webcam applications and online live webcamera solutions for webcamera projects all over the world

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Camvista started operating webcams in 1996.  One of the first Internet companies around the globe to set up a company to operate and showcase live webcams over the World Wide Web.  The webcam portal is still one of the most popular and well visited web cam portals that is still attracting millions upon millions of web visitors who like to view the live webcams around the world that are operated by the Team of Camvista in Scotland – the UK

The Scottish based company were the first webcamera operator in the world to develop webcam applications and live camera solutions for various business sectors – the construction and project development sectors as well as for the security sectors. 

Over the years Camvista have installed and operated hundreds of construction project monitoring time-lapse cameras for large, medium and small construction and building development projects around the UK. Europe and many other countries around the world.  Camvista have also developed and are still very much developing inovative online security camera monitoring applications and cost effective security online CCTV solutions that many businesses deploy to remotely security monitor facilities and remote locations with the Camvista network camera systems

Camvista have also worked on a number of very high profile world wide webcamera promotions over the years.  Brought in by marketing agencies on behalf of their blue chip clients to arrange and organise international webcam promotions that can be used for online marketing promotions for media related companies, travel companies, camera manufactures and a host of other business sectors that are wanting to use the magnetic power of live webcams as part of their marketing campaigns.  Camvista when managing world wide marketing campaigns featuring live webcam content have always worked closely with many other webcamera operators/partners around the globe. Probably the only webcamera operator to have built up close working relationships with other webcamera partners in many other countries abroad.

Camvista are now seen as leading experts in operating live video streaming cameras and developing low cost but highly robust live streaming video solutions for various webcam related sectors.  When Camvista started operating webcams back in 1996 – the quickest webcam refresh rate was every 20 minutes.  Now in 2011 with broadband telephone connections and 3G mobile phone connections being readily available in most countries around the world nearly all the new webcameras operated by Camvista – for – and for webcamera clients – are live video streaming cameras.

Contact – Camvista – HERE – TELEPHONE – 0845 b2416040

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