Listen and Watch The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Stream

Listen and Watch The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Stream

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is by far one of the most popular podcasts in the world. The Joe Rogan Podcast is estimated to reach up to 11 million listeners and viewers per episode. Watch his most popular episode so far with Elon Musk which has had more than 50 million views.

Joe Rogan has over 1500 podcast episodes, spanning over 13 years of streaming, he has created a juggernaut of a podcast. You can now watch, listen and stream all of his episodes through YouTube and Spotify.

Exclusive streaming rights to Spotify

With the listener and viewer numbers, it’s no wonder that Spotify broke all the records when they paid The Joe Rogan Podcast an estimated $200m+ for the exclusive rights to stream the podcast. This incredible deal showed the world just how lucrative podcasting can be. The deal, which was conducted in Feb 2022 was a landmark streaming deal for exclusive rights to Rogan’s podcast. The New York Times reported that Spotify CEO claimed that the exclusive rights to the podcast was essential to continue to compete with other streaming platforms such as Google and Apple.

Joe Rogan has a very unique way of podcasting with very long episodes that often span well over 3 hours long. The longest episode actually lasting a whopping 5 hours and 19 minutes with his guest Duncan Trussell. Some argue that this is what makes his podcast so valuable to a streaming platform like Spotify as this will allow for more advertising to be played to the listeners who do not have the Spotify paid service.

What’s the format?

The main format of The Joe Rogan Podcast is Joe Rogan having a discussion based interview with a guest. These guests can range from musicians and people within popular culture to scientists, politicians and journalists. On some occasions guests have even been known to smoke weed with him during episodes.

Despite the popularity, Joe Rogan has not been far away from his own controversies. He was criticised for spreading misinformation on Covid-19 during the pandemic and has also had 113 episodes removed from Spotify due to the use of racial language during the episodes. However, this has not stopped the millions of people streaming his podcasts.

How to stream The Joe Rogan Experience

You can watch and listen to all of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast through Spotify online. You can also watch shorter clips as well as the full length streams of the episodes through The Joe Rogan Experience YouTube Channel. Over 14 million people have subscribed to stream The Joe Rogan Experience on YouTube as well as 11 million people streaming through Spotify.

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