Podcast Review: New Heights – Travis and Jason Kelce open up on Super Bowl reactions.

Podcast Review: New Heights – Travis and Jason Kelce open up on Super Bowl reactions.

The dust has finally begun to settle after an incredible Super Bowl LVII which saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in a tight game which finished 38-35. One of the great subplots of the major sporting event was that brothers Travis and Jason Kelce would be facing each other in opposing teams to get their hands on the trophy.

Who are Travis and Jason Kelce?

Travis and Jason Kelce are professional football players who also have one of the most popular sports podcasts in the U.SNew Heights. Travis, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs and his brother Jason who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles started recording their podcast at the start of the 2022/23 football season.

Little did they know that they’d be building up to facing each other in the Super Bowl when they recorded their first episode in September 2022. Not only have they both had a very successful season on the pitch, but their New Heights Podcast has regularly featured top of the charts for sports podcasts in America. The popularity of the podcast created such a big buzz in the build up to the Super Bowl that it was renamed the ‘Kelce Bowl’ by football fans and pundits.

New Heights Podcast

The concept of the New Heights Podcast is simple – 2 brothers, who both play in the NFL catch up on camera and record themselves talking about all things football. They discuss serious topics and breaking news as well as reminiscing family and football memories. The lighthearted ‘brotherly banter’ makes this podcast very relatable. Often the brothers will also be joined by guests which allows them to interview and have in-depth discussions. There have been some great stories and funny moments throughout their debut season as a podcast.

As a result of their success on the field, fans of football and the podcast were treated to a completely unique build up to Super Bowl LVII. Listening to the brothers discussing preparations and building up to the famous final gave listeners a rare insight into the life of pro football players preparing for one of the biggest sporting occasions in the world.

Super Bowl Reactions and Tears of Joy

On the 15th February 2023, Travis and Jason Kelce got back behind the mic and cameras to discuss and give their reactions to the Super Bowl just 3 days after the big event. Both brothers give a full and frank analysis of the day starting with the outfits they had decided to wear on arrival, all the way to the final play and the game ending. Of course, there could only be one winner out of these brothers and it was Travis and the Chiefs who were victorious on the night.

Travis and Jason give a completely unique insight into some of the surreal moments that can only happen when 2 brothers face each other in such a huge sporting occasion. Discussing the role their mother – Donna Kelce – who has now become a household name throughout America with football fans. Watching Donna on the field in the build up to the game answering questions about her boys as well as interviews with all the sports channels. The brothers discuss standing staring at each other ahead of the coin toss and then Jason discussing that while his brother Travis scored his touch down he was eating a Gatorade bar on the touchline.

After spending time going through the game and giving their thoughts on how it was going quarter by quarter, they begin to discuss what happened after the game had ended. They talk openly how they were feeling emotionally and what they said when they both got the chance to congratulate and commiserate each other. Hearing two brothers discussing how they were feeling for each other is when the episode begins to become an emotional rollercoaster. Jason talks about how he wanted to congratulate his brother and not let him worry about how disappointed he was.


Post-Game Emotions with Mom

I had to stop watching this part of the episode because I ‘had something in my eye’. Even the hardiest of football fans would struggle to watch this emotional moment between the brothers when they talk about how special it was to be together with their Mom and Dad on the filed after the Super Bowl Final. Both brothers open up emotionally and begin to shed some tears. It felt like a very genuine and heartfelt moment and well worth listening to or watching.

How to listen, watch and stream New Heights Podcast with Travis and Jason Kelce

You can also watch podcast episode video streams on their YouTube Channel. The brothers drop a new episode every Wednesday during the NFL season and they tend to last between 1 hour 30 mins and 2 hours.

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