Matt Taibbi Interview on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast – Surprised by FBI & Twitter’s Collusion; Russiagate Info in Twitter Files

Matt Taibbi Interview on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast – Surprised by FBI & Twitter’s Collusion; Russiagate Info in Twitter Files

Matt Taibbi is an American author and journalist. In addition to his work as an editor for Rolling Stone magazine, he hosts the Useful Idiots podcast and writes books. Watch and listen to this interview between Matt Taibbi and Joe Rogan on the The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. This podcast episode is currently ranking as the number 1 podcast episode in the U.S.

Who is Matt Taibbi?

It’s fair to say that Matt Taibbi is a divisive character in the world of U.S political journalism. His career as a journalist has taken him to Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Russia. He is well known for his work with Rolling Stone magazine covering politics as a contributing editor. He knows writes and comments on culture war and cancel culture.

What are ‘The Twitter Files’?

More recently, he has been known for his role in ‘The Twitter Files’. Elon Musk, Matt Taibbi, and other journalists released internal Twitter documents in December 2022 highlighting instances of content moderation. Twitter Files examine how content was moderated on the social media platform during certain major events. These have been split into topics – New Your Post story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, Visibility Filtering of certain Twitter accounts that breach guidelines, Attack on the Capitol and the suspension of Donald Trump’s account, FBI Communication with Twitter Trust and Safety Team, and the Relationship between Twitter and the U.S. Government.

Matt Taibbi interview on The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan and Matt Taibbi discuss freedom of speech and censorship in this 2 hour 46 minute chat/interview. Taibbi discusses in detail some of the files from Twitter that Elon Musk is happy to make public to show how Twitter was allegedly operating before Musk bought the platform. He discusses the relationship between the FBI and Facebook and Twitter with regards to censorship of content that was being published on these social media platforms. Taibbi and Rogan go on to discuss the current state and situation with journalism in the U.S. In particular the relationships between mainstream journalists and members of congress and government officials.

On the subject of Twitter, they go on to discuss the relationship between Elon Musk and the mainstream media and how people’s perceptions of him can be built on what they read on social media or hear other people talking about him. “The speed with which they can shuffle somebody in the ‘Hitler of the Month Club'” is how Taibbi describes what is happening with the public opinion on Musk.

Also discussed is the media’s role in shaping public opinion and perception of what is going on in the world. They discuss the WMD case with the Iraqi War and how the media spread false reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, resulting in the invasion. Eventually, Tiabbi left Rolling Stone based on his belief that the news story about Russian involvement in Trump’s election was untrue. Rogan and Tiabbi discuss the news story.

How to listen, watch and stream the Matt Tiabbi interview with Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast has exclusive streaming rights with Spotify. You can stream all episodes with audio and video on Spotify. The streaming platform reportedly paid in excess of $200m for exclusive rights to stream all of Joe Rogans podcast episodes.

Stream the full episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Matt Tiabbi on Spotify.

You can also watch old episodes, highlights and clips on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast YouTube Channel.

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