Richard Hammond on Diary of a CEO Podcast – The Untold Story Of My 320mph Crash & My 1 Minute Memory!

Richard Hammond on Diary of a CEO Podcast – The Untold Story Of My 320mph Crash & My 1 Minute Memory!

Richard Hammond is a well known TV personalty who has worked on ‘Top Gear’ and ‘The Grand Tour’. In this Richard Hammond interview on the with Steven Bartlett he opens up about his traumatic brain injury, life as a ‘famous’ person and how his career began. He reflects in the day he was involved in a serious crash which left him fighting for his life.

Who is Richard Hammond?

From a freelance radio presenter 1988 to co-hosting one of the most popular BBC and Amazon Prime car shows in the world. In this fascinating episode of the Diary of a CEO Podcast, Steven Bartlett discusses the humble beginnings of Richard Hammond’s career, how he handled becoming famous and his near death experience in his 320mph car crash.

Richard Hammond car crash

In 2006 whilst filming a feature for the BBC show Top Gear, Richard Hammond was involved in a very serious car crash involving a Vampire jet car. He was driving the drag racing car on an airstrip at appx 320mph when one of the tyres blew. The car flipped and Hammond was left with serious head and brain injuries. In this Diary of a CEO Podcast, he opens up about his personal struggles with recovering from his brain injury and how he lives with the continuous struggles.

In November 2022, Richard Hammond posted a moving video on his What Next YouTube Channel about a memory he has from when he was in a coma recovering from his serious car crash. He describes in the video his brain taking him to one of his most favourite places in the world – a tree in a hill in the Lake District, England.

Diary of a CEO Podcast interview

In this episode, Steve Bartlett strips it back to find out about Richard Hammond’s early life. What made him pursue his dream to become a co-host of the famous BBC show Top Gear. Hammond talks openly about constantly feeling in a lucky position to have had the career he has had. At the time he was offered the job on Top Gear, he had to make a huge decision as it involved taking a pay cut and changing his and his families life. The decision has paid huge dividends as he talks about being unable to believe the success he has had since.

The interview moves on to the famous crash which nearly killed him and then the aftermath. How he dealt with his brain injury at the time and the impact that it had on his family. He talks very openly about the moments where he was in a coma and doctors were fearing the worst. He discusses how when he first woke up, his memory would only last for no longer than a minute. And he discloses his fear of testing himself for the early onset of dementia.

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