Where to find the best Christmas Comedy Show Streams

Nothing is better than sitting back and watching Christmas Specials on TV during the festive season. Sit back, relax, open another box of chocolates and indulge in some easy watching Christmas Comedy Specials on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, AppleTV, Amazon Prime or Disney+.

Gavin and Stacey

When it comes to a modern romantic tale, you can’t beat Gavin and Stacey for easy watching comedy gold with lots and lots of feel good factor sprinkled on top. The Christmas special of Gavin and Stacey has gone down as an all time classic in British Television. And thankfully, in 2019 the cast and crew got back together to film a second Christmas Special 10 years on from the previous one. Gavin and Stacey is a timeless series which resonates with audiences long after the show finished. With the bonus of having 2 Christmas Specials to enjoy this year, I would strongly recommend watching the show from start to finish this Christmas.

Where to watch Gavin and Stacey: BBC iPlayer 

The Office

No one does toe curling awkwardness at Christmas Time than Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute from one of the top comedy series of all time – The Office. And with nine (9) Christmas episodes to choose from, you are spoiled for choice if you are looking for something light and incredibly funny to watch. No one organises an office Christmas Party better than Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch. The festive period is not complete if I. haven’t put at least one of The Office Christmas Special episodes on.

Where to watch The Office Christmas Specials: Netflix

Modern Family

Christmas is about spending time with the family and there’s no better family to spend the festivities with than Dunphy’s, Pritchetts and Cam and Mitch. Modern Family has provided us with some amazing, heartwarming and funny moments. And during the holiday period there is no exception. Modern Family has six (6) Christmas Episodes spread through the full eleven (11) series. Once everyone in my house has fallen out over the Monopoly or who ate the last purple Quality Street, there’s only one family that can bring us all back together.

Where to watch Modern Family: Amazon Prime for series 1 to 10 ($$)  or Netflix for series 1 to 9

Peep Show

Peep Show is British Comedy summed up in one show. The longest lasting Channel 4 comedy has only one Christmas Special episode but this one is absolutely one of my favourite episodes of all time of all comedy shows. There’s nothing I like to do more every Christmas Eve than to pour a drink and stick the Peep Show Christmas episode – ‘Seasonal Beatings’ on. Mark and Jez host Christmas Day in their flat and enjoy awkward moments with Mark’s family and a couple of uninvited guests. If you’ve never seen Peep Show before then give this series a go and really enjoy the Christmas Special episode.

Where to watch Peep Show: Channel4 or Netflix


It’s not Christmas until the ‘Holiday Armadillo’ has turned up. When all else has failed and the dreaded Christmas Blues are creeping in between Christmas Day and New Years Eve, stick Friends on and enjoy the comfort of Joe, Rachel, Monica and Chandler. Throughout the ten (10) series of Friends, there are eight (8) Christmas episodes (good trivia). Of the eight, ‘The One with the Holiday Armadillo’ has to be the most iconic.  You can find this one in season 7, episode 10. Other Christmas Friends episodes include; ‘The One Where Rachel Quits’ and ‘The One with Christmas in Tulsa’. For a safe bet, you can’t beat Friends as a series to get you feeling warm and happy over the festive period.

Where to watch Friends: Netflix 

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