Remote Alert Mobile is the very latest project management tool that turns an Android or Apple Mobile device into a real time webcam. Send unlimited images and 10 second video clips to an online management platform from your device using GPRS or 3G/4G data.

View sent images and video clips within seconds of of them being sent with the Remote Alert Online Viewing Platform. Access the Online Viewing Platform remotely from any location at any time on a PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet and view the most recent and up to date images and video clips that have been sent.

Remote Alert Mobile allows anyone with a mobile phone to send images and videos in real time to the online management platform. Our easy to use but effective technology allows Remote Alert Mobile to be used in many different areas successfully such as; construction, insurance, security and police projects all over the world.

Remote Alert Mobile is a powerful visual project management and collaboration Mobile Phone App that can operate - anywhere - anytime - around the Globe - over low bandwidth GPRS - or higher 3G/4G mobile phone networks - across 5 Continents - on iPhone Devices - and Android Mobile Phone handsets - at cost effective and budget prices.

Allowing Real Time Project Management via mobile phone devices a reality - by sending video clips and webcam images to the Remote Alert Mobile Platform - to communicate - inform - deliver - collaborate - record - manage - important project management data to work colleagues and customers in real-time no matter where they are located around the world

Remote Alert Mobile works by using the very latest technology in transmitting images and videos over GPRS and 3G/4G cellular data.As soon as a video or image has been taken on the Remote Alert Mobile App it is sent instantly to the Remote Alert Online Platform where it can be viewed within seconds.

As soon as the app is opened, the user is instantly connected to the devices camera. Users of Remote Alert Mobile have the choice to send images or videos in different sizes and quality to different online viewing accounts. Users can also add text to the images or videos and all files are time stamped and dated.

All Remote Alert Mobile Online Platform Accounts can be fully white labelled and personalized to any company website colours and logos. All accounts are issued with their very own personal login details for the mobile phone app as well as the online viewing platform.

As soon as a picture or video has been taken, it is instantly sent to the online management account selected by the user and will be available to be viewed within seconds. All images and videos are saved to the online management platform and can be searched for by using key words or the time and date that they were taken. Users can email, print or download all files saved to the online management platform. Users can also add notes to any of the images or video for future references.

Works using only a GPRS signal

Uses full GPS location services

Affordable and easy to use

All images and videos are time stamped and dated

Reduce travel between project sites

Share project status instantly

Works with Android and iOS devices

Send images and video files to several online platforms at once

View the online platform on computer or tablet devices