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Check out this live video streaming Infoor Skiing Centre Cam at the popular Moscow Indoor Skiing Centre - - Moscow - Russia

People Watch LIVE Russian Skiers using the massive Indoor Ski Centre in Moscow - Russia - by viewing this streaming live Snezh.kom indoor skiing centre camera, ‘Snezh.kom’ is a first for Moscow, even for Russia - it is a mammoth 24,000 square meter all year round indoor skiing centre. The indoor ski slope is 400 meters long, 60 meters high with a vertical drop of 65 meters. The facility could comfortably fit in four full sized football fields!

Modern Austrian four-seater ski lifts are an efficient round trip to the top of the slope for your next go. The complex temperature is a constant -4 to -5 C ° with humidity set at 65% . Now you can enjoy skiing all year round, whether it is a frosty February day or a hot and sunny July afternoon. also has the first all year round Snowboard Park in Moscow or Russia. The snow park at SNEZH.KOM developed was developed by experts in the field with a 9-meter Flat box, Flat rail, Wave kick box, Flat-down box, Flat-down rail, Flat-Down-Flat box, 11-meter Down-Flat-Down box, as well as the Dance floor and Spine box are installed in two lines.


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