Citadel Towers - Al Qala'a - Amman City - Jordan

Amman Citadel Jabal Al Qala'a Streaming Live Webcam Jordan

Amman Citadel Jabal Al Qala\'a Streaming Live Webcam Jordan
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If you're planning a business or holiday trip to Jordan in the Middle East then make sure that you visit the Citadel Towers - Jabal Al Qala's - when you're staying at Amman - the capital city of Jordan

Enjoy watching this live HD video streaming Amman web cam overlooking the historic Citadel Towers - Jabal Al Qala's - sitting on the top of the highest of the Amman city's seven original hills

The Citadel or Jabal Al Qala’a, one of Amman’s most beautiful historical sites, sits on top of the highest of the city’s seven original hills, overlooking the city of Amman, and is thought to be one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places. Dating back 7,000 years, the Citadel is a breathtaking open-air museum that has endured wars, earthquakes and the occupancy of numerous leaders over time

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