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Live YouTube Video Western Screech Baby Owls Webcam Views Texas – USA

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

What a hoot!  Come and view these adorable young owls having a sip and a dip in suitably large bird bath to the Zen accompaniment of wind chimes – very relaxing. These beautiful fledglings were originally caught on a live-streaming Owls webcam in Texas USA and appear to be Western Screech Owls, native to North and Central America.

These particular birds are old enough to have lost their owlet ‘fuzz’ and still young enough to remain together for flying lessons before their ultimate flight toward independence – they are likely to be about 2 months old.

Once adult they average a length of 22cm with a wingspan of 55cm – small by Texas standards and in comparison to the Great Grey Owl which has an average length of 72 cm for the larger females and their wingspan soars to a massive average of 142 cm .. is it a ‘plane or a bird?

Owls are renowned as creatures of might throughout the world – sometimes feared and linked with death, evil and omens such as in the America’s, Africa and Middle East.

Harry Potter featured the Owl as the magical and the mystical – able to deliver the wizards post even without an address!

In the Western World the owl is synonymous with wisdom. Did you know that a group of owls is called a Parliament?  How fitting then that in London the infamous Houses of Parliament is home to the Countries great leaders – check them out on – you can regularly hear twitting, tweeting and squawking as one side of the House throw pellets of wisdom back & forth to the other during Question Time.

And the most common owl of all?  It is a Teet Owl … commonly found next to the kitchen sink in homes around the world.