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Meet the Superb Lyrebird – this HD live-streaming BBC film footage on YouTube will deliver a real suprise!

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Prepare to be amazed! Check out this BBC film footage with high definition live-streaming action and superb sound quality as an introduction to the Superb Lyrebird…. so good that the ‘Super’ is a genuine part of the birds name… and deservedly too! This delightful bird is indiginous to South East Australia and was later introduced to Tasmania when there were concerns about extinction – happily the species appears to be thriving.  The Superb Lyrebird has status enough to be honoured on the reverse side of the Australian 10 cent coin … and listening to this Live-streaming action on YouTube will have you understanding just why … turn the volume UP!

But first, lets spend a moment on the inimitable ritual of courtship … all good fun for all concerned!  The male Superb Lyrebird spots a rather beautiful female Superb Lyrebird and WOW … it’s showtime!!!  No hold barred on this fantastic display of courtship…. all captured on this incredible BBC lhigh definition live-streaming camera and available on the YouTube clip below.

Did you notice how the male bird has exceptional plumage of 16 tail feathers? The two guard feathers extend out like the elegant curves of musical Lyre instrument and lacy plumageknown as filamentaries fan out in an abundant canopy, right across his back & over his head. Both the male & female superb lyrebirds have an incredible talent to show off with; they accurately copy the sounds of their environment. During courtship the male sings louder and longer to entice his mate and as shown on the HD BBC YouTube video clip, the mimicary extends to the indiginous sounds of the forest and suprisingly incorporates unexpected noises intriduced by mankind; car alarms, camera clicks & whirrs and echoes of the forestry commissions labouring.

Sir Richard Attenborough entices us into the magical world of the Superb Lyrebird in this live-streaming high definition BBC coverage – as only he is able, but it is the very Superb Lyrebird that clearly takes centre stage on this YouTube clip and many other platfirms! Watch the Superb Lyrebird show from your phone, note-book & computer. Bravo Superb Lyrebird – BRAVO!