Remote Alert Project Management Webcam Mobile Phone App

December 20th, 2013


Send video and images in real time over 3G/4G and GPRS Data with the new Remote Alert Project Management Mobile Phone App. If you are looking for the very latest technology in turning your mobile phone into a webcam then download the MyLiveStreams Remote Alert Mobile Phone App.

Remote Alert is designed as the must have project management tool for all kinds of businesses. Send and receive 10 second video clips and unlimited amounts of images with the click of a button. All images and video clips are saved onto the Remote Alert Mobile Online Viewing Platform which can be accessed from any location in the world with a secure username and password. Save images and video, email images and video, add notes to all saved files and view where each file was sent from with the Remote Alert Mobile GPS Location Service.

How the app works-

As soon as the Remote Alert Mobile app is opened, the user is instantly connected to the devices camera. The user can begin sending pictures or videos instantly if all the settings are suitable to the users needs.

Remote Alert has only six main settings for the user to select from;

Pictures or Video – select which type of file to send;

Picture size – select the size of image to send;

Video Quality – select the quality of the video to send;

Camera Account – select which online platform account to send the files to. If there is only one available account this will be automatic;

Text Overlay – add text to the image as a label, caption or key word for search purposes at a later date.

As soon as a picture or video has been taken, it is sent instantly to the online management account selected and will available to be viewed within seconds.

All images and videos can be transmitted over low bandwidth 3G or 4G.

All images and videos are saved to the online management platform and can be searched for by using key words or the time and date that they were taken. Users can email, print or download all files saved to the online management platform. Users can also add notes to any of the images or videos for future references.

All times, dates and locations are saved on the Remote Alert online management platform.


MyLiveStreams can tailor every Remote Alert Mobile App to the needs of each individual customer. Whether it’s security, construction or bird watching, the Remote Alert Mobile platform can be adjusted suite everyones needs.

Contact us now for more information on this exciting new project management mobile phone app!


MyLiveStreams Launch NEW Webcam Business Section

December 19th, 2013

MyLiveStreams are delighted to announce the launch of or very latest Live Streaming Webcam Business Section which will promote our newest live webcam promotions; Live 3G/4G Webcasting, Webcam Streaming and Hosting and Remote Alert Project Management Mobile Phone App.


With the need for live video more and more demanding, MyLiveStreams are delighted to announce that we are now offering our services in Live Video Webcasting. What is even more exciting about our Webcasting Services is that we can now Webcast any event Live on the internet to millions of people using only a 3G/4G cellular connection! Broadcast any event live on the web from anywhere with a 3G/4G signal. No need for satellite or broadband, just 1 mobile phone 3G/4G signal and we can broadcast live footage to the world.

Whether it’s business events or personal special events, MyLiveStreams can stream live footage in HD over the 3G/4G network thanks to our latest Webcasting Technology. From birthdays to corporate AGM’s or funerals to web seminars, MyLiveStreams 3G Webcasting service can be adapted to suit any event in any location.  Promote your business on the web, impress clients and share holders by offering them the very latest interactive media. Bring your friends and family from all around the world closer by webcasting your special event with the MyLiveStreams 3G Webcasting Services.

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Our new Webcam Business Section also features the very latest deals for Live Webcam Streaming and Hosting on the MyLiveStreams Streaming Servers. Stream any live H.264 webcam to the world on multiple websites, for as little as £90 a year, with the very latest MyLiveStreams Streaming and Hosting Packages! Add free, unlimited simultaneous visitors, 30 frames per second and full access and control of the camera on our MyLiveStreams Camera Management Platform are just some of the great features you get when you sign up to the MyLiveStreams live Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages.


Promote your live streaming webcam on your own website(s) as well as on the ever growing and popular MyLiveStreams Streaming Webcam Network. With over a hundred thousand visitors a month, the MyLiveStreams Streaming Webcam Network is the best way to promote your live streaming webcam images to the world.

As well as streaming live webcams to the world, MyLiveStreams Webcam Streaming and Hosting packages also offer the option for private streaming on your very own personalised private streaming page with personal login required for anyone who wants to view the images.

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St Mary’s Hospital LIVE Royal Baby Webcam Central London

July 21st, 2013

Live Royal Baby Cam St Marys Hospital London Web Cam

The World Media are waiting outside London’s St Mary’s Hospital waiting patiently for Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge – to arrive at the St Mary’s Hospital at the Paddington area of London to give birth to Prince William’s and her Royal Baby

Enjoy watching LIVE outside the front entrance to the St Mary’s Hospital this LIVE streaming video Royal Baby web cam allowing webcam watchers to view LIVE all the buzz, excitement and anticipation when Kate Middleton arrives at the St Mary’s Hospital to give birth to her Royal Baby

Watch LIVE the official announcement to the world media by viewing this real time streaming St Mary’s Hospital Royal Baby webcam when the World is told that the Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to Prince William’s and her Royal Baby

Catch a glimpse LIVE by viewing this streaming Royal Baby cam when Kate Middleton and Prince William leave with their Royal Baby from the main entrance at the St Mary’s Hospital in the Paddington area of Central London to show the world their new Royal Baby – the future heir to the British Throne

View the St Mary’s Hospital LIVE video streaming Royal Baby Cam in London – HERE


Live Euroleague Basketball Final Four London Fan Zone Webcam in Trafalgar Square

May 9th, 2013

This weekend will see the the top four European Basketball teams arrive in London ready to battle it out in one of the biggest Basketball competitions in the world – The Euroleage Final Four. The special 2 day event will be hosted in the famous London O2 Arena over this Friday (10/05/13) and Sunday (12/05/13) and will be broadcast to millions of Basketball Fans from all over the world. Over the 2 day special event basketball fans will be treated to 4 fantastic games of exciting basketball between CSKA Moscow, FC Barcelona Regal, Olympiacos Piraeus and Real Madrid. Each of these teams will take part in a Semi Final on Friday night and then the losers of each semi final will play in a 3rd and 4th place play off on Sunday and then the Final will follow on Sunday night.

With such a prestigious trophy at stake, it is no wonder the tickets for this event have become extremely hard to get hold of. So for any Basketball fans that are in London over this special weekend of entertaining basketball who can’t get to the O2 Arena to watch the games Live, there will be an official Euroleague Fan Zone in London’s famous Trafalgar Square which will allow basketball fans from all sets of teams to enjoy a great party atmosphere and watch the games on the big screen in one of London’s historical areas. This will surely create a fantastic atmosphere for everyone in the area and will attract thousands of visitor to the already popular Trafalgar Square in London.

If you are thinking about travelling to London and want to check out the great Euroleague Basketball atmosphere in the City then why not check out the MyLiveStreams Euroleague Fanzone Trafalgar Square Webcam. Watch thousands of Basketball Fans from all over Europe arrive and party in the great Eruoleague Fan Zone Webcam. Check out all of the Euroleague Final Four Basketball action Live on Webcam thanks to our great Trafalgar Square Webcam.

The amazing Euroleague Fan Zone is expected to cover over 2000 square meters of Trafalgar Square and will have to roofed basketball courts in the middle. There will be a full list of entertainment going on throughout the weekend and fans can enjoy live music and appearances from famous Basketball legends. There will also be a great Sports bar so fans can enjoy a cool refreshment while soaking up the atmosphere. Watch all of this Live on Webcam with the London Trafalgar Square Webcam on MyLiveStreams. Enjoy Live Streaming Views of the Official Euroleague Final Four Fan Zone with our great Live Streaming Trafalgar Square Webcam.

Enjoy Live Euroleague Basketball Webcam Views and much more thanks to the MyLiveStreams Live Webcam Streaming Network. check out our great Live Streaming Cams now.

Webcam Streaming and Hosting Remote Alert Camera Management

April 24th, 2013

Camvista and are delighted to announce the launch of our new Live Webcam Streaming and Hosting Camera Management System – Remote Alert Camera Manager. Thanks to this excellent new Webcam Management System, anyone who purchases our Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages will have full access to their Webcam Management from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

Not only can users view their Live Streaming Webcams on their Smart Phone, Tablet, PC and Laptop but now anyone who signs up to our Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages can now access the Remote Alert Camera Management through Smart Phone or Tablet as well as PC and Laptop. Our Remote Alert Webcam Manager is completely remote and can be easily accessed any time, anywhere with a unique and personal username and password.


The Live View Screen on the Remote Alert Camera Management

We are offering the top of the range Streaming and Hosting features and benefits for as little as £9.99 a month!! New added features such as Hourly Video and Image Archive, Image Snap Shot, Embedded Code for up to 3 domains, Add Free Video Streaming and much much more. To find out more on our Live Webcam Streaming and Hosting Click Here…

Remote Alert Camera Management has been specially designed by our team of experts at Camvista Global to ensure the very best in any type of Webcam Management. From Construction Projects in Kenya to Live Streaming Ice Hockey Games, Remote Alert Camera Management is a robust and reliable Online Webcam Management System that offers the very best for any kind of Live Webcam Streaming. Our latest Archiving features allows users of Remote Alert to record Hourly Video Footage for 24 Hours, Save Images every Hour for 24 Hours and take and save Snapshots at anytime from the Live Webcam Stream.


A Snapshot image taken from the Remote Alert Camera Manager

We are now offering a 14 Day FREE Trial to anyone who signs up to our Live Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages!! 

Amazing Live Aerial Satellite Views of the Secret North Korea

April 12th, 2013

Communist country North Korea are threatening the world with Nuclear War on South Korea. Of course no one has any faith in them actually having the resources and capabilities of creating or launching any sort Nuclear Missile into their neighbors, but the threat has been taken very seriously by South Korea and the USA. North Korea has been a secretive communist country since it was occupied by the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War in 1945. Up until December 2011, North Korea was ruled by the infamous and fanatical Kim Jong-Il up until his death where he was replaced by his equally fanatical son Kim Jong Un. Both Kim Jong-Il and his son believe that North Korea is one of the most powerful countries in the world and have ruled their country under a dictator ship of fear and lies.

While looking through the great Aerial Map Views Section on I found some amazing Satellite Views of  North Korea, unfortunately I could not find any signs of Weapons of Mass Destruction however I did find some great views from the North Korean Capital City Pyongyang. Such as the Kim Il-Sung Square Aerial Map View in Pyongyang, North Korea. 

Pyongyang City, North Korea Aerial View on

 The relationship between North Korea and South Korea has always been tense since the divide in 1945. During the late 40’s and early 50’s both sides were in battle over the full control of the peninsula. This resulted in the Korean War in 1950-1953. An agreement was signed by both countries on the border in a place called Panmunjom. I found a great Aerial Map View overlooking Panmunjom which is now a famous tourist attraction for anyone visiting South Korea.

In this great Panmunjeom Aerial View you can see the border running directly through the middle of the road and the buildings on each side belonging to each of the countries. For more great Aerial Map Views of North Korea then check out the fantastic Aerial Map Section and look through some of the amazing views like the spectacular Ryugyong Hotel, the number one hotel in North Korea, located in Pyongyang City Center. 

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

This spectacular building dominates the Pyongyang Skyline and looks like an incredible piece of architecture. It would be interesting to find out exactly how many people spend the night in this magnificent hotel.

As I mentioned earlier, I did not manage to find any Aerial Map Views of Nuclear Weapons in North Korea, but I did manage to find a great view of a Nuclear Power Plant. I am unsure if it is active or not but definitely a great Satellite Aerial View of a Nuclear Reactor in North Korea.

As North Korea is bordered by South Korea and China, the only way to enter this shut off communist country without flying, is by crossing the China to North Korean Border. Not only is this entry point heavily armed, it is also very difficult to cross the only bridge leading to and from North Korea to China. As you can see in this Aerial Map View of the North Korean to China Border Crossing!

As you can see, there is a huge section of the bridge missing to prevent people from getting into this mysterious country, or is it to stop the locals escaping to freedom? I guess we will never know but one thing is for sure, for such a secretive country, there are some amazing Aerial Map Views to be seen in North Korea.



NEW Live Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages on MyLiveStreams!

April 3rd, 2013

Do you own an IP Webcam? Are your Hosting costs too expensive? Do you want to share your Webcam Views with the World on the MyLiveStreams Streaming Network? Or are you looking for some low cost Hosting Packages to Stream a Webcam on your own Website?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are looking in the right place! Thanks to the NEW Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages on anyone with an IP Webcam can now Stream their Webcam images on any domain they want, Stream images on any Smart Phone and add their Streaming Webcam Images to the popular MyLiveStreams Streaming Network for as low as £9.99 a month!!

Our new Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages are at the lowest prices they have ever been, and to make things even better, we are offering even more features to the packages than before! Add Free, Embedded Code for up to 3 domains, Remote Alert Camera Management and full 24 Hour image and video archive are just some of the great new features we are giving to anyone who signs up for one of our amazing new Streaming and Hosting Packages.

We are also offering the option for users to have their Live Streaming Webcams promoted on the popular MyLiveStreams Streaming Webcams Network. With a full write up on the Webcam, the Streaming Webcam images and links to domains of the users choice, this is a perfect way to promote your Live Streaming Webcam and Website to Millions of people every day!! With and average of 10,000 visitors a day, the MyLiveStreams Streaming Webcam Section has become the most popular section on the site and we would love to grow this section with Live Streaming Webcams that are using our new and affordable Streaming and Hosting Packages.

No hidden costs, no contracts and no adverts the MyLiveStreams Streaming and Hosting Packages are perfect for any standard of Live Streaming Webcam Views. We are even offering anyone who signs up to our amazing Streaming and Hosting Packages, a FREE 14 day trial!

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New Gigapixel Cams Stunning Views

March 21st, 2013

Having realized the popularity of some of the great pictures form our Live Streaming Webcams on Facebook and Twitter, we have decided to feature a new section dedicated to the brand new Gigapixel Cams from all over the World. Camera views from Sevilla, London, Dubai, Paris and many more popular locations from all over the world, Gigapixel Cameras are becoming more and more popular. No wonder they are so popular with fantastic views that can reach up to 20 miles at the quality of up to 320 Gigapixels!!

Here are some examples from our very own Gigapixel Cams Section on MyLiveStreams…


BT Tower London 320 Gigapixel Panoramic Cam View

This amazing view of the famous Tower Bridge in London, England just shows the fantastic quality available in these excellent views from the BT Tower in London. This picture was taken from the BT Tower London Gigapixel Cam that features in our new Panoramic Gigapixe Cam Views Section. The BT Tower Gigapixel 360 London Cam actually holds the world record for the Largest Panorama View in the World!!

Live Paris Gigapixel Panoramic Cam View

This is a great view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. You can also see the the Les Invalides building in front of the Eiffel Tower. This fantastic view of Paris is from the Paris Gigapixel Panoramic Cam in our new Gigapixel Cam Section on MyLiveStreams.

 Dubai Gigapixel Panoramic Cam View

 Here we can see a great view overlooking Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This image was the worlds best Panoramic Gigapixel Cam image with a 45 Gigapixel image, but it has been overtaken by the BT Tower London Gigapixel Cam. In this image you can zoom in and out of certain areas of Dubai and enjoy views of this amazing location thanks to the Dubai Panoramic Gigapixel Cam on MyLiveStreams.

These are just examples of some of the amazing views you can see with the Gigapixel Panoramic Cam Views now on MyLiveStreams Gigapixel Cam View Section. With the idea of Gigapixel Views becoming more and more popular around the world, expect to see a lot more locations using Gigapixel Cam Views and find them all on the MyLiveStreams Gigapixel Panoramic Cam Views Section!

MyLiveStreams Makeover

March 19th, 2013

A View of London from our Live Streaming River Thames Webcam

Some of our regular visitors will have noticed that we have given the site a little bit of a makeover. Not only have we made MyLiveStreams a little bit better on the eye but we have also added our own Live Streaming Webcam Section which features all of our very own Live Streaming Webcams from around the world. We have a few Streaming Webcams available to be viewed on the Home Page but much more Live Streaming Webcams available under the Streaming Webcams section on the Top Menu. 

The new Live Streaming Webcam Section has already proved to be extremely popular and we are looking to have it constantly updating with new Live Webcams as often as possible. With the latest addition of the Live Streaming Penguin Webcams from Edinburgh Zoo and the great Live Streaming Stock Car Racing/Football Stadium Webcam in Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland we are already working extremely hard to find new and exciting webcams from all over the world. 

The even better news is that this is not where the MyLiveStreams Makeover stops! Not only will we be giving our great visitors the option to view our own Live Streaming Webcam Section but we will also be offering our BRAND NEW Live Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages at their lowest prices EVER!! This will give anyone, anywhere in the world the chance to Stream a Live Webcam on their own website and also have it added to the MyLiveStreams Streaming Webcams Section. Not only will we give anyone the chance to promote their Live Streaming Cam on MyLiveStreams but we will also be giving every person who signs up to our Streaming and Hosting Packages the full use of our extremely effective Camera Management Online Platform. All of this for as low as £9.99 a month! 

Our Live Streaming Stock Car Racing Webcam in Cowdenbeath, Scotland

If you want to add your Live Streaming Webcam to our popular Live Streaming Webcam Section and have the chance to have it feature on our Home Page then Contact us with a picture of the view from the camera and we will Stream and Host the webcam FREE of charge on our website and up to 3 other websites for no extra cost!! Check out some of the great Live Streaming Webcams in out Live Streaming Webcam Section to see all the different Cams we will Host. From Live Streaming Stock Car Racing Webcam to Live Streaming Bar Cams in Australia we love anything to do with Live Streaming Webcams. 

Live Ice Hockey Streaming FREE Webcast Fife Flyers versus Sheffield Steelers Saturday 12th January 2013 – 7pm GMT

January 12th, 2013
Fife Flyers Ice Hockey Webcast

Free Ice Hockey Webcast Fife Flyers versus Sheffield Steelers

Enjoy watching a FREE live streaming video Ice Hockey webcast of the UK Elite Ice Hockey League match Fife Flyers versus Sheffield Steelers on Saturday night – 12th January 2013 – Face Off – 7pm – GMT at the Kirkcaldy based Fife Ice Arena in Fife – Scotland

Watch the FREE Ice Hockey real time streaming webcast of the Fife Flyers versus Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey Elite League game on the or on the Fife Flyers Official website

The Fife Flyers versus Sheffield Steelers live Ice Hockey webcast is being webcasted for FREE by the Scottish based streaming webcams operator Camvista Global to allow Ice Hockey fans around the world to watch for FREE an important Elite Ice Hockey League match in the UK

View the live video streaming Ice Hockey webcast of the Fife Flyers versus the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey game for FREE on the website or also available to be viewed on the Fife Flyers Official Website

For more info about the Fife Flyers versus Sheffield Steelers streaming Ice Hockey webcast visit – – or –