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What is Succession about?

Succession is a gripping American HBO comedy-drama which follows the fictional ‘Roy’ family. They are the owners of media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo and have all the money in the world. However, as the old saying goes; money doesn’t always buy you happiness. This is never truer when the viewer is taken through just how dysfunctional this family are. 

Power hungry, entitled, spoiled and desperate for their fathers approval, the 4 children of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) battle for his approval and to take his spot as head of the family and CEO of his business empire. After Logan suffers some serious ill health in the first series, his ability to continue as the man at the top is questioned. With mounting pressure from family, board members and share holders, even the people closest to him become hard to trust.

Where is Succession Set?

Although the main setting for the series is New York, the family are often out and about in lavish surroundings including some great episodes in the UK, New Mexico, the Hamptons and Tuscany as well as an episode on their extravagant yacht in the Mediterranean. 

What English castle was used in the wedding episodes of Succession?

The last 2 episodes of Succession Season 1 were filmed in the UK in a lavish English Castle and estate. The setting was the perfect place for the season finale which left everyone on the edge of their seat. Eastnor Castle in Eastnor, Herefordshire was the venue chosen by the Succession location manager. And the cast and crew descended on to the grounds to begin filming. However, due to the ‘Beast from the East’ storm which hit the UK in March 2018, temperatures plummeted and caused havoc with the filming. Blizzards, strong winds and drifting snow created issues and problems and disruption to the filming and production. Thankfully they managed in the end and created 2 fantastic episode. 

Check out the amazing 360 degree virtual tours and views from Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire in England. 

Will there be a 4th season of Succession?

Succession currently has 3 seasons, season 1 and 2 both have 10 episodes but season 3 only has 9 episodes. It is speculated that season 3 filming was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are wondering; ‘will there be a 4th season of succession?‘ and thankfully the answer is YES! In October 2021, HBO announced that there will be another season and shooting could start in June 2022. 

The popularity of the series has shown from the start and only got better. The first season ranked 88% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. The second and third season were up at 97% and 96%. The drama has also won 2 Golden Globe awards for Best Television Series – Drama and Brian Cox took home the Best Actor – Television Series Drama.   

Stream Succession Online Anywhere

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How to Watch Succession Season 1, 2 and 3 Online - Where to stream the show

Watch Succession Online in the UK 

Sky Atlantic

Although Succession is an HBO show, it was aired in the UK on Sky Atlantic. Now that season 3 has finished, all episodes of the drama are available to watch on Sky online, or on TV if you are a Sky customer. 


If you are not a Sky customer then the show is also available on NowTV to stream online or on a SmartTV. Memberships for NowTV are available with a 40% discount for the first 3 months at £11.98 per month for the full entertainment and cinema package. This will give you full access to all of the entertainment box sets and shows as well as all of the movies available they have to stream. 

Stream Succession using a VPN 

If you want to watch Succession on HBO or Hulu but you don’t live in the U.S. Or you want to watch Sky TV but are outside of the UK then you’ll need a VPN to enable the streaming even when you’re not in the country. 

VPNs work by masking your IP address and protecting your identity online. This allows the user to stream TV online from another country when normally this wouldn’t be allowed. A VPN is perfect for streaming TV shows or sports events online when you are not in the country that is showing them. 

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Succession Cast - Who you need to know

Logan Roy – played by Brian Cox is the father and man who started the family business Waystar RoyCo from scratch. Logan is originally from Dundee but moved to the Canada with his brother Ewan Roy. From there, he moved to the U.S and began his business life. He has been married 3 times and has 4 children who are all part of his plans to one day take over his business empire. 

Connor Roy  – played by Alan Ruck is the eldest sibling in the Roy family although it appears that he has a different mother to his other brothers and sisters. Connor is the only person out of the family who seems to have no interest in taking over the family business. However, he has expensive tastes and enjoys the lifestyle and even fancies himself as the President of the United States at some point.

Kendall Roy – played by Jeremy Strong is the second eldest sibling and the person who feels is the expected successor to his father. Kendall has his demons though and has suffered from addiction issues as well as his own issues with his father. Is it trust issues between him and his father or is it competition between the 2 of them that stops them from seeing eye to eye? 

Shiv Roy – Played by Sarah Snook is the only daughter in the Roy family and has forged her own path in the world of politics. Her career has lead to her often working for people who don’t always agree with her fathers business and media control and ethics. However, when it comes to her fathers business, she won’t rule herself out of the running. Her husband Tom is also working for her Dads firm. 

Roman Roy – played by Kieran Culkin is the one who has the most growing up to do. He has some pretty serious issues which he masks well with bravado and cockiness. He sees himself running the company but is often happy to offer ideas and plans but never back them up.  

Tom Wambsgans – played by Matthew Macfadyen is the doting husband to Shiv Roy. The first season ends with Shiv and Tom’s extravagant wedding in the English Castle. He is desperate for Logan’s approval and to climb his way through the business… At all costs. Tom adds some well needed humour to the show and his good nature is often taken for granted, especially by his wife. 

Greg Hirsch – played by Nicholas Braun is the clumsy loveable great-nephew to Logan Roy. Greg’s grandfather is Ewan (Logan’s brother). Greg has stumbled into working within his great-uncle’s business and instantly gets paired with Tom. Throughout the show, Greg and Tom’s side stories as outsiders within the Roy family environment adds a lot of humour. Greg isn’t as dumb as he often makes out and finds himself also climbing the ranks within the business, much to his grandfathers dislike. 

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