How to watch Australian Open Tennis 2022 Streams Online

Australian Open Tennis 2022

On the 17th of January the ATP Tennis season starts in Melbourne, Australia with the Australian Open. This event is one of the first major sporting events of the year and has provided viewers with hugely exciting tennis matches that live long in the memory of tennis fans. 

The open will be played in the famous Melbourne Park Sports Venue which has become a formidable grand slam tennis venue. As January is notoriously hot in Australia, this creates a challenge for the competitors not just to cope with the hard court surface but also searing temperatures which have sometimes lead to games being stopped although 3 of the courts now have retractable roofs. 

It is expected that crowds will be allowed full access and back to capacity throughout the event which will be a huge relief to tennis fans and the players. However,  it has been reported that previous winners and top names in the sport; Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal may be doubtful in making the tournament due to Covid issues. 

How to watch the Australian Open 2022

The tournament starts on the 17th of January 2022 and will run through until the Men’s Final on the 30th of January. Due to the time difference in Australia, keeping up to date with all the latest news, highlights and interviews is a great way to relive the action. is a great way to watch the very latest interview and highlight streams. As the event official website, it gets full access to the men’s and women’s latest news, players, coaches and matches. In the UK the BBC Sport website also offers the latest up to date news and matches will be streamed live on BBC Radio 5 Live. 

Watch the Australian Open Tennis 2022 in the UK 

If you want to watch LIVE Australian Open Tennis in the UK then you can stream the matches on EuroSport who have the full coverage of all the action from the tournament. You can also get the very latest and up to date news, highlights and interviews in the buildup and during the competition. 



EuroSport is the best place to watch the latest Australian Open Tennis Streams in the UK, Europe and Central Asia. 

Watch the Australian Open Tennis 2022 in India 

Tennis is hugely popular in India and the millions of fans in India will be eager to watch live streams and highlights of the Australian Open Tennis . Sony Entertainment Television APAC is the best place to catch all the tennis action if you are wanting to tune in from India. 

Watch the Australian Open Tennis 2022 in The US

Watch Australian Open 2022 Tennis streams in the US and North America with ESPN Tennis. ESPN are the world famous cable sports channel who have broadcast sport since 1979. Find out the very latest tennis news, watch the latest interviews and highlights with ESPN Tennis. 



Tennis fans in North America can also watch LIVE Tennis Streams with the new Tennis Channel. They can sign up to the premium tennis channel for 24 hour access to the very latest tennis news and streams. Live tennis streams from men’s and women’s tennis tournaments all over the world. 

Australian Live Streaming Webcams

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