Queen’s Speech Live Christmas Day Broadcast

How to watch the Queen's Christmas Speech 2021

Every year since 1957 the Queen has broadcast a televised Royal Christmas Message on Christmas Day. Millions and possibly even billions of people all over the world tune in to watch. For many people, this is often the ‘main event’ of Christmas Day as the whole family gather round the television to watch the special moment.

Over the years there has been speculation in the build up to the broadcast about what will be included in her message to the public. In her 2020 broadcast, she highlighted the difficulties the whole world has been facing with the outbreak of Covid-19 and the measures and sacrifices that many people have had to make.

For many, last year’s Christmas was very difficult and spent in strange circumstances. Families were not together and people all over the world were dealing with the the impact of the pandemic in different ways. When the Queen’s speech was broadcast, people all over the world watched and listened.

Although this is a tradition for many British people within the UK or who now live or are travelling abroad during the Christmas period, watching Queen Elizabeth delivering her Royal Christmas Message is something not to be missed.

Due to Her Royal Highness not being in the best of health and having postponed some Royal Visits throughout the year, there is some speculation that this year’s Christmas Message may be delivered by her son and hair to the throne Prince Charles which would make this the first ever televised Royal Christmas Message not to be delivered by the Queen.

The speech will be broadcast at 3pm(GMT) on Christmas Day (25th December 2021) on BBC, ITV, Sky One and Sky News. 

If you want to watch the Queen’s Christmas Speech online then you can find it on:

BBC iPlayer 




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