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Meet the Superb Lyrebird – this HD live-streaming BBC film footage on YouTube will deliver a real suprise!

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Prepare to be amazed! Check out this BBC film footage with high definition live-streaming action and superb sound quality as an introduction to the Superb Lyrebird…. so good that the ‘Super’ is a genuine part of the birds name… and deservedly too! This delightful bird is indiginous to South East Australia and was later introduced to Tasmania when there were concerns about extinction – happily the species appears to be thriving.  The Superb Lyrebird has status enough to be honoured on the reverse side of the Australian 10 cent coin … and listening to this Live-streaming action on YouTube will have you understanding just why … turn the volume UP!

But first, lets spend a moment on the inimitable ritual of courtship … all good fun for all concerned!  The male Superb Lyrebird spots a rather beautiful female Superb Lyrebird and WOW … it’s showtime!!!  No hold barred on this fantastic display of courtship…. all captured on this incredible BBC lhigh definition live-streaming camera and available on the YouTube clip below.

Did you notice how the male bird has exceptional plumage of 16 tail feathers? The two guard feathers extend out like the elegant curves of musical Lyre instrument and lacy plumageknown as filamentaries fan out in an abundant canopy, right across his back & over his head. Both the male & female superb lyrebirds have an incredible talent to show off with; they accurately copy the sounds of their environment. During courtship the male sings louder and longer to entice his mate and as shown on the HD BBC YouTube video clip, the mimicary extends to the indiginous sounds of the forest and suprisingly incorporates unexpected noises intriduced by mankind; car alarms, camera clicks & whirrs and echoes of the forestry commissions labouring.

Sir Richard Attenborough entices us into the magical world of the Superb Lyrebird in this live-streaming high definition BBC coverage – as only he is able, but it is the very Superb Lyrebird that clearly takes centre stage on this YouTube clip and many other platfirms! Watch the Superb Lyrebird show from your phone, note-book & computer. Bravo Superb Lyrebird – BRAVO!

Cutest HD streaming webcam video compilation of Sloths – Don’t worry, be happy!

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Check out this cute YouTube compilation of the Sloths taken fron HD live-streaming and video camera content and set to the song ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ – I defy you to have a miserable bone in your body after your web-cam watching – these adorable South American Mammals bring out the High Definition in our mood. Lovely video clips and live streaming footage invites us to just slow right down, Sloth style and just enjoy the ride. Watch the Sloths on this Live Streaming footage on YouTube

Sloths take an alternative perspective on life, they sleep upside-down for up to 18 hours at a time. Mothers even give birth to cubs (babies) hanging upside-down and once born the cub instinctively knows to cling on to their mother until they are able to fend for themselves. A cub will nuzzle its heads under Mums armpit – don’t be alarmed, they don’t have an obsession with body odour, just a desire to suckle as Mums teat is positioned there.

So if you are someone who enjoys hanging out and chilling with the best of them, then wait no further … slouch on the couch and log on the the live streaming HD webcam to see views of Sloths doing what they do best; which is … well , errrm – nothing much really other than looking super cute on the adorable slow motion YouTube compilation of video and  live streaming imagery. Don’t rush now, take your time …

Live-streaming, interactional high resolution webcam of the Elephant Safari Park & Lodge from Taro, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Watch the elephants LIVE from the Elephant Safari Park in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. The EarthCam high resolution, live-streaming webcam has fully interactional features so you can pan across the park and zoom in to see the elephants majestic features – LIVE on your computer or mobile phone

The Elephant Safari Park is in Taro a small place just 15 kilometers from Ubud, Bali in Indonesia. It is considered to offers a unique opportunity to get close and personal with these magnifiscent mammals by walking with them, having an opportunity to touch and hand feed them and to take a ride on their back.

You can observe the elephants gather at the bathing pool;  see them entering the water to cool down from the mid-day sun or wade across with someone on their back by watcfhing this live streaming Bali Elephants webcam in Indonesia

You will be able to tell which ones are the elephants as they will be the only ones sporting the grey trunks! See them LIVE on Webcam –  HERE




Elephants are beautiful and sensitive giants. They are revered for their strength, dexterity and wisdom: they commonly show grief, humor, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, playfulness, and have excellent learning abilities.   Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Their brains weigh 5kg, much more than the brain of any other land animal. No wonder then that the elephant supposedly ‘never forgets’!  Studies of herds in their natural habitat have led to some interesting facts that may be less well known – did you know that homosexual mating is well documented between elephants and happens all year round?

However a bull (male) and cow (female) elephant will only come together to mate during the cows brief, few days of fertility per year. The bull attempts to woo the cow with affectionate nudges and snuggles and if the cow returns the gestures this courtship period will last about 20 minutes before copulation begins. Once pregnant, a cow will have a 22 month pregnancy which is longer than any other mammal on Earth. When newborn, baby elephants are initially blind and some take to sucking their trunk for comfort in the same way that humans suck their thumbs. At the end of their life, elephants, like humans, grieve for their loved ones and have rituals to aid their process of mourning. Sometimes they even get depressed. On that sad note, do you know what the elephant said to the man who grabbed it by the tail?  That is the end of me!

View the Live Streaming Bali Elephants webcam – HERE




Live-streaming webcam footage of baby giraffe at Houston Zoo, Texas. U.S.A.

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

After a 14 month pregnancy an adorable female baby Masai giraffe was born to 7 year old parents; Mum Neema and Dad Mtembi at the popular Houston Zoo in the USA state of Texas. Filmed by their live-streaming giraffe webcam and recorded webcam footage is available on the Houston Zoo website and YouTube.

Their daughter was born at 7.20 am on Sunday 3rd August 2014 after a short labour. Given that this little baby giraffe weighed in at a whopping 132 pounds and stood at six foot tall, I’m sure that Neema was grateful that her 14 month labour was over and had produced such a babe.  The birth took place at the McGovern Giraffe Habitat at Houston zoo in the State of Texas, USA.

The Giraffe keepers who cared for Neema have chosen the name Kimili – it is an African name which aptly means ‘Perfection’

Kimili stood unaided & begin suckling within the first hour of life. For the first four to six months, baby giraffes drink milk from their mother and after that time thet begin eating leaves. If the babies cannot reach trees with available leaves, mothers will pull leaves off and feed them to the babies. Giraffes can eat up to 75 lbs. of foliage per day and spend as much as 18 hours per day consuming leaves … their particular favourite is the Acacia tree. Good job then that they are the tallest mammal in the land and can reach the branches easily and that their tongue is long & dextrous – so much so that a giraffe can clean its ears with its own tongue. Tasty!

Watch the live video streaming webcam at Houston Zoo – HERE

Live YouTube Video Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua Dog in L.A.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Meet Nic, an Italian in L.A. and his cute, bi-lingual and very talented yoga partner called Pancho … a little Chihuahua dog who brings a whole new meaning to the commonly known posture of ‘Downward Facing Dog’.

Check out the live YouTube video camera footage filmed on YouTube on a HD webcam and notice how Pancho the Yoga starring Chihuahua dog responds to the invitation to stretch out his ears, spine and body. Adorable – I think he’s a natural starring Yoga Chihuahua dog!

Nic and Pancho are commanding an ever-increasing internet following and you can view them on their own YouTube channel on their face-book page: or drop them a tweet on Twitter:

Live YouTube Video Western Screech Baby Owls Webcam Views Texas – USA

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

What a hoot!  Come and view these adorable young owls having a sip and a dip in suitably large bird bath to the Zen accompaniment of wind chimes – very relaxing. These beautiful fledglings were originally caught on a live-streaming Owls webcam in Texas USA and appear to be Western Screech Owls, native to North and Central America.

These particular birds are old enough to have lost their owlet ‘fuzz’ and still young enough to remain together for flying lessons before their ultimate flight toward independence – they are likely to be about 2 months old.

Once adult they average a length of 22cm with a wingspan of 55cm – small by Texas standards and in comparison to the Great Grey Owl which has an average length of 72 cm for the larger females and their wingspan soars to a massive average of 142 cm .. is it a ‘plane or a bird?

Owls are renowned as creatures of might throughout the world – sometimes feared and linked with death, evil and omens such as in the America’s, Africa and Middle East.

Harry Potter featured the Owl as the magical and the mystical – able to deliver the wizards post even without an address!

In the Western World the owl is synonymous with wisdom. Did you know that a group of owls is called a Parliament?  How fitting then that in London the infamous Houses of Parliament is home to the Countries great leaders – check them out on – you can regularly hear twitting, tweeting and squawking as one side of the House throw pellets of wisdom back & forth to the other during Question Time.

And the most common owl of all?  It is a Teet Owl … commonly found next to the kitchen sink in homes around the world.