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Remote Alert Project Management Webcam Mobile Phone App

Friday, December 20th, 2013


Send video and images in real time over 3G/4G and GPRS Data with the new Remote Alert Project Management Mobile Phone App. If you are looking for the very latest technology in turning your mobile phone into a webcam then download the MyLiveStreams Remote Alert Mobile Phone App.

Remote Alert is designed as the must have project management tool for all kinds of businesses. Send and receive 10 second video clips and unlimited amounts of images with the click of a button. All images and video clips are saved onto the Remote Alert Mobile Online Viewing Platform which can be accessed from any location in the world with a secure username and password. Save images and video, email images and video, add notes to all saved files and view where each file was sent from with the Remote Alert Mobile GPS Location Service.

How the app works-

As soon as the Remote Alert Mobile app is opened, the user is instantly connected to the devices camera. The user can begin sending pictures or videos instantly if all the settings are suitable to the users needs.

Remote Alert has only six main settings for the user to select from;

Pictures or Video – select which type of file to send;

Picture size – select the size of image to send;

Video Quality – select the quality of the video to send;

Camera Account – select which online platform account to send the files to. If there is only one available account this will be automatic;

Text Overlay – add text to the image as a label, caption or key word for search purposes at a later date.

As soon as a picture or video has been taken, it is sent instantly to the online management account selected and will available to be viewed within seconds.

All images and videos can be transmitted over low bandwidth 3G or 4G.

All images and videos are saved to the online management platform and can be searched for by using key words or the time and date that they were taken. Users can email, print or download all files saved to the online management platform. Users can also add notes to any of the images or videos for future references.

All times, dates and locations are saved on the Remote Alert online management platform.


MyLiveStreams can tailor every Remote Alert Mobile App to the needs of each individual customer. Whether it’s security, construction or bird watching, the Remote Alert Mobile platform can be adjusted suite everyones needs.

Contact us now for more information on this exciting new project management mobile phone app!


MyLiveStreams Launch NEW Webcam Business Section

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

MyLiveStreams are delighted to announce the launch of or very latest Live Streaming Webcam Business Section which will promote our newest live webcam promotions; Live 3G/4G Webcasting, Webcam Streaming and Hosting and Remote Alert Project Management Mobile Phone App.


With the need for live video more and more demanding, MyLiveStreams are delighted to announce that we are now offering our services in Live Video Webcasting. What is even more exciting about our Webcasting Services is that we can now Webcast any event Live on the internet to millions of people using only a 3G/4G cellular connection! Broadcast any event live on the web from anywhere with a 3G/4G signal. No need for satellite or broadband, just 1 mobile phone 3G/4G signal and we can broadcast live footage to the world.

Whether it’s business events or personal special events, MyLiveStreams can stream live footage in HD over the 3G/4G network thanks to our latest Webcasting Technology. From birthdays to corporate AGM’s or funerals to web seminars, MyLiveStreams 3G Webcasting service can be adapted to suit any event in any location.  Promote your business on the web, impress clients and share holders by offering them the very latest interactive media. Bring your friends and family from all around the world closer by webcasting your special event with the MyLiveStreams 3G Webcasting Services.

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Our new Webcam Business Section also features the very latest deals for Live Webcam Streaming and Hosting on the MyLiveStreams Streaming Servers. Stream any live H.264 webcam to the world on multiple websites, for as little as £90 a year, with the very latest MyLiveStreams Streaming and Hosting Packages! Add free, unlimited simultaneous visitors, 30 frames per second and full access and control of the camera on our MyLiveStreams Camera Management Platform are just some of the great features you get when you sign up to the MyLiveStreams live Webcam Streaming and Hosting Packages.


Promote your live streaming webcam on your own website(s) as well as on the ever growing and popular MyLiveStreams Streaming Webcam Network. With over a hundred thousand visitors a month, the MyLiveStreams Streaming Webcam Network is the best way to promote your live streaming webcam images to the world.

As well as streaming live webcams to the world, MyLiveStreams Webcam Streaming and Hosting packages also offer the option for private streaming on your very own personalised private streaming page with personal login required for anyone who wants to view the images.

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